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B&P/Interface Aruba N.V. is the training Institute par excellence. For more than years we offer management training, commercial training and training in the field of verbal communication and also training for your personal development.


B&P/Interface Aruba N.V. offers a wide range of basic training courses. We are able to offer you these courses at relatively low prices. However, specific situations ask for specific solutions. Therefore, if necessary we will adapt our training programs to your own situation, or develop a completely new program that is fit for your organization. See our In-Company Programs.


Our courses are mostly short and intensive. This is because we link specific knowledge to practical skills. This practical approach yields optimal results.


In order to support each participant individually, we work with small groups. These groups consist of twelve participants at the most. With certain training courses this number is even lower. In addition, we also train on an individual basis The training then becomes more like personal counseling.


Because practical skills are central, we pay much attention to exercises. With many training courses, we record the exercises on videotape, so that the evaluation will be concrete, objective and without any misunderstanding. Also, the participants will work out assignments between the various sessions. This will enable them to use their acquired skills in their work.


In principle, B&P/Interface Aruba, develop the training material themselves. Participants obtain the supporting theory in syllabi. In addition, we work with unique checklists and tests. Of course, our videotaped examples is more than a support to you.


An effective approach often demands more than training. B&P/Interface Aruba offers you the possibility of an integrated approach. For example, a training can be linked to consultancy. Furthermore we can develop specific cases, programs syllabi to support a trainingprogram.

Whether your people need basic training, specific training, or training in the context of consultancy, B&P/Interface Aruba’s training is effective. In other words: it produces results you will find back in the actions of your employees.


Training Approach And Methodology


Training programs of B&P/Interface Aruba N.V. are geared to acquiring practical skills (80% of the training time), with great emphasis put on the day-to-day work situation of the participants as point of departure. This means that the programs will have the following value adding characteristics:

The programs will be customized wherever possible, i.e. related to the products/services of our clients and the needs of the participants;

the trainers will familiarize themselves with organizational structures and cultures in order to be able to adapt practical exercises and role-plays to the work experiences of the participants.


The training programs will be executed according to the over-all standards of B&P/Interface. This background ensures a quality approach of the training because the centrally placed ’practical aspects’:

  • will be supported and explained by brief theoretical introductions; (this way the present skills can be evaluated and further developed);
  • will be highlighted with ’video-examples’ for gaining quick fundamental insight;
  • can be practiced individually, with instant video monitoring and direct feedback by the trainer;
  • will be reviewed in relation to his or her feasibility in each participant’s workplace.

Participants to our training programs will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

For more specific and detailed information on our Training and Consultancy Services can be provided upon request. 


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