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Incompany Programs

You can have any of our 50 + high-impact seminars presented right at your location. We can tailor any program to fit the needs of your company or organization. If you’d like to focus more attention on a certain area or include extra activities or role-plays; your on-site consultant will work with you to create a training program that’s fit for your group. An on-site setting is the ideal forum for people to learn and practice new skills, ask questions and get as much individual attention as they need – all in their own familiar surroundings, under the watchful eyes of an expert. Our unique approach to on – site learning consists of these six stages:

  1. Needs assessment
    Together, we’ll determine your present and long – range objectives.

  2. Program development
    Using your input, we develop a tailored program that addresses your specific situation.

  3. Pre-learning
    Prior to the actual training, our sales training representative can assist you in designing pre-learning activities to set the stage for a positive and productive learningexperience

  4. Training delivery
    Programs are instructor – led and use the latest methodologies in adult learning.

  5. Follow-up
    Our sales representative will conduct a follow-up conference with key decision makers to determine appropriate next steps to ensure application of skills.

  6. Ongoing support
    You’ll receive a phone desk number to call for unlimited support. Use it to ask questions, check progress, refresh memories, explore “next steps” possibilities.


Organizations large and small have found that B&P/Interface Aruba N.V. on-site training is a highly effective and extremely cost-efficient way to bring about significant performance improvements in their work.

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