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Constancy is a question of profound knowledge and experience. It is therefore that B&P/Interface Aruba N.V. co-operates with Interselect Groep in The Netherlands, in order to provide the most realistic and useful answers to your questions. We can advise you in the following areas:

  • Educational & Training
  • Organisation Development
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Personal Counseling
  • Quality & Communication


Every organization is unique. Therefore, your own contribution is essential in our approach and teamwork is the key word for us.


Other key words are: practical orientation, applicability and clarity. Our first priority is to give advice, which is translated into profit for your organization Therefore; our consultant will stay at your service as long as you wish. Of course you will receive an exact calculation of the costs in advance.


When you ask us for advice, you will be asked to participate in a fixed number of steps. This approach in steps guarantees an optimal handling of your specific situation.

Step one: During a preparatory consultation, we will get acquainted and exchange ideas. Where and why do you need advice ? Subsequently we will submit a tender for the future activities. If you agree, we will proceed to step two.

Step two: The analysis of the state of affairs can take place in various ways. For example, we may interview the employees of the department concerned, or have discussions with the managers involved.

Step three: Then the real counseling starts. The specific implementation depends on the nature of your question. In case of brief assignments, we make a further analysis, after which we will submit our advice. If necessary, we will assist in the execution of the plans. If your question is more complex, we will prepare a full plan of action. This could even mean that one of our consultants could operate as a permanent project manager in your organization. Whether your assignment is simple or complex, we guarantee a realistic solution that will fit your organization.


Conultancy in the field of Education and Training
In many organizations a training policy is essential. In this field we can offer various types of advice. Of course we can carry out training sessions for your employees, if you do not have the capacity yourself.

Consultancy in the field of Organization
In the field of organization we offer various schemes of advice, i.e:

  • organizational structuralization
  • consultancy in case of cultural changes
  • productivity diagnosis designing communication
  • negotiation structures designing appraisal systems

Consultancy in the field of Policy Development

In a period in which an organization needs to reflect on the course it is pursuing or should pursue, the management often needs a sparring partner. We are able to offer you support for these processes

Consultancy in the field of Selection
An effective solution to selection problems is very important for organizations not only the selection of new employees, but also the selection of specific training courses, the determination of the potential of employees or their career policy are vital.

Consultancy in the field of Personal Counseling

In addition to training that concentrates on specific subjects and training adapted to the needs of an organization we offer advice concerning the individual contributor. Subjects include:

  • team building
  • chairmanship
  • individual support

Consultancy in the field of Conflict Management
Differences of opinion between individuals or groups are frequent in daily life. Sometimes there are conflicting interests, sometimes there is a limited amount of money or goods to be divided In other situations personal differences and emotions are important.

Consultancy in the field of Quality
Relationships between organizations and their clients are increasingly becoming like partnerships. In this form of long-term co-operation, the demand for quality in the organizations keeps growing. Flexibility, efficiency and quality control are essential factors which the organization needs to satisfy this growing demand.

Consultancy in the field of Communication
During the past few years, communication has become more and more important in organizations. We can advise and guide you in the field of communication processes within your organization

Consultancy in the field of Hospitality Management

In this specialized field we can offer educational diagnosis, training programs, development and training management with an emphasis on food and beverage, housekeeping and front and back of the house. Consultancy related training programs are always geared to the integration of vocational and interpersonal skills as point of departure.


Are you interested in the training programs or consultancy services provided by B&P/Interface Aruba N.V.? Or do you wish to receive additional information? Please let us know. We would be most pleased to send you the information.


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