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Time Management


Time Management


This training offers you the opportunity to acquire or increase insight, know-how and skills in:

  • Establishing your needs/Goals and to dedicate time to achieve them; Goal-setting;
  • Analyzing the way you use your time regularly with the help of a time logbook;
  • Planning your work tasks and your personal wishes;
  • Establishing priorities in your work; what can you do yourself and what can you delegate to others;
  • Tackle your biggest internal time consumers systematically (such as work discipline, procrastinating, indecisiveness);
  • Handling and steering the external time consumers (such as telephone calls, meetings, unexpected visits);
  • The principles and the systematic handling of delegating.


The training is a combination of self work and guidance. Before the training starts, the participants are requested to keep a register of their activities during three days, and this will be analyzed in the training. Based on this analysis, insight is given in the main areas and functions, and the main time consumers.

Through introductions, the participants are indicated how to work effectively spending their time more efficiently.At the end of the training day a practice plan is drawn up. During this gathering we discuss supplementary theories.

Every participant receives a text book containing theory, advice and exercises.


The duration of this course is divided in 3 sessions of approximately 3 hours.

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