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Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Undoubtedly your organization has members like managers, supervisors, team coaches, HRD-personnel, trainers or teachers, whose jobs demand professional communication. Continuous improvement of their communication skills may help them and your organization saving time and human energy (and money) in the near future, while they keep focusing on the goals that should be reached.


The need of highly effective communication stood at the cradle of NLP. Since its start in the Seventies in North America lots of communication experts have been developing a coherent and generative system of effective techniques and models.

B&P Interface Aruba N.V. is offering professionals in Aruban organizations the opportunity to get acquainted with these instruments by bringing in 2 experienced trainers for a 2 days Seminar in Effective Professional Communication with NLP.


Drs. Lucy Platvoet is an international certified NLP-trainer/consultant, Master NLP and sociologist with 20 years of experience in training, consulting and coaching.

Drs. Rubya Maduro is a sociologist and a senior trainer and consultant in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.


The most important aspect of the training is practice. We dedicate 80 % of the time thereto. The results of the training are therefore directly applicable. Attention for each and every participant is the next characteristic of the training. As an consequence, we train in groups of no more than 12 participants. Needless to say that a professional approach, with the aid of instruction movies, video recordings and text books, forms part of the program.


The duration of this course is divided in a 2 days Seminar.

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