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Minute Taking


Minute Taking

Recently I heard someone say the following: “A person who takes minutes writes faster than the speed of sound”. Is that true ? Is the important thing about taking minutes writing as fast as possible in order to record everything that is said ?

The answer is no.

Taking minutes is more than merely taking as many notes as possible during the meeting. Minute-taking already starts before the meeting with preparation, and ends after the meeting with the elaboration and finishing of the minutes. Thus, minute taking consists of a number of skills for which certain techniques are needed.

If you are also of the opinion that a minute-taker is more than a speed writer, then this program is an excellent way to learn how to take minutes in an effective and efficient manner.


This training offers you the opportunity to acquire or increase insight, know-how and skills in the field of;

  • efficiently preparing for a meeting;
  • recording in an effective and fast manner;
  • elaborating the notes in a clear and legible manner (easily readable).


The most important characteristic of the program is practice. We dedicate 80% of the time to various minute-taking exercises. Going through the theoretical aspect, which you need in order to properly prepare for a meeting, consists of 20% of the program time.

The program is built in such a way that all minute-taking skills are studied. Recording a minute is the most important, and at the same time the most difficult minute-taking skill. That is the reason why we dedicate most of the time thereto. With the help of videotapes we practice with certain recording techniques. In this way, the theoretical aspect can be directly applied.

Attention for each and every participant is the next characteristic of the training. As a consequence, we train in groups of no more than 12 participants.


The duration of this course is divided in 3 sessions of approximately 3 hours.

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