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Effective Communication


Effective Communication

Communicating clearly and persuasively is a skill you can develop. The exercises in this workshop will help you to be more effective when speaking, writing, coaching and delegating in either person to person or group communication.

Communication skills are a very important factor in the success or failure of any organization.

If you can't convey to your subordinates what you want from them and why, and if you can't do so in away that persuades and inspires them, you're never going to motivate them to do better. Both team spirit and individual commitment to company goals depends on the ability to communicate effectively.


This training offers you the opportunity to acquire of increase your skills in the field of:

  • getting good information from others
  • getting your ideas across
  • giving constructive feedback.
  • giving positive reinforcements
  • dealing with emotions


The most important aspect of the training is practice and role-play.
The results of the training are therefore directly applicable.

Attention for each participant is another characteristic of the training. A professional approach, with role-plays, handouts, the aid of instruction movies and video recordings from a part of the program.


The duration of this course is divided in 3 sessions of approximately 3 hours.

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